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London St. Juniper:
Your Illustrated Edition

Gaudy and bawdy, titillating and terrifying, London St. Juniper is the Glam Reaper. A burlesque and variety performer who has stalked stages and pages throughout the US, London can go from glam to ghoul in the blink of an eye, and prefers to serve it all with a little drop of poison. Holding a PhD in bad Influences, London was named “Most Wicked” in Salem at the 2021 Great Burlesque Expo, and Miss DC PinUp 2017, and she is coming to serve you a sinister treat you won't forget. 


Promo Photo by Steve Parke Photography
Putting Outfits together and taking them apart since 2017

Long Form Bio

London St. Juniper is a burlesque and sideshow performer local to Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington DC. She first took to the burlesque stage in 2017 with her Adam West Batman routine, and it was all rhinestones and rubber faces from there.

When pressed, London describes her performance style as “Creepy Cheesecake”: retro high femininity (with modern values) playing tug-of-war with the macabre. Her acts run the gamut from classic glamor to glamour ghoul, with some very strange pitstops along the way (Goatman, anyone?). It’s no surprise that her awards include “Miss DC PinUp 2017” and “Most Wicked” at the 2021 Great Burlesque Expo in Salem.

London has performed across the US in cities from Denver to DC, Salem to Atlanta, entertaining audiences from intimate brunches to the huge crowds of DragonCon and Otakon. Experienced in nerdlesque, burlesque, glass walking, sword ladder, dance trapeze, and bed of nails, London’s first love is costuming, and her style is defined by elaborate costumes and unexpected reveals.

In 2022 London founded Tippitywitchet Productions, a Maryland-based nonprofit production company dedicated to preserving, and educating audiences on, traditions of, small stage entertainment and the intersectional identities of performers. Based in Annapolis, Tippitywitchet produces burlesque and variety shows in the broader DMV.  

Promo Photos


"The master/mistress/mastress of outfits and not outfits. Garb and the lack of. Dress and undress. Being slightly almost nude and being less nude than that. Putting an outfit together and taking and outfit apart." -  Mr. Dug Brown


  1. Red Door Cabaret, Baltimore MD, May 9, 2024. Prod. Mulberry and Co.

  2. Noble (G)Asses 2, DC, April 25, 2024. Prod. Beaver and Buttstuff. “Is Butter a Carb?”

  3. Sideshow Hootenanny, Coney Island NY, April 4, 2024. Prod. Sideshow Hootenanny. “Mama’s boy.”

  4. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, March 9, 2024. Prod. Barrett Johnson

  5. Tales of Tassels and Tease, Richmond VA, March 2, 2024. Prod. Burlesque Right Meow.

  6. Cabaret of Mysteries, Baltimore MD, March 1, 2024. Prod. Poe’s Magic.

  7. My Blood Valentine, Richmond VA, February 16, 2024. Prod. Ellie Quinn Presents

  8. Double Date, Annapolis MD, February 10, 2024. Prod. Tippitywitchet Productions.

  9. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, December 30 2023. Prod. Barrett Johnson

  10. Holiday Blues-A-Palooza, Washington DC, December 17. Prod. Jenny Langer.

  11. Holiday Blues-A-Palooza, Flat Iron Crossroads, December 16. Prod. Jenny Langer.

  12. Villain Era, Richmond VA, December 15, 2023. Prod. Burlesque Right Meow. “Just a Girl in a Well.”  

  13. DCGS Brrrrlesque, Washington DC, December 14, 2023. Prod. DCGS

  14. Dirty Thirty, Annapolis MD, December 9, 2023. Prod. Tippitywitchet Productions.

  15. Krampus. Denver, Dec 2, 2023. Prod. Carnivale de Sensuale.

  16. Evil Dead the Musical, Havre de Grace MD, October 20-28, 2023. Prod. Deer in the Headlights Productions. Deadite Aerialist. 

  17. Creepshow Peepshow, Annapolis MD, October 7, 2023. Prod. Tippitywithet Productions.

  18. Mystification, Baltimore MD, September 15, 2023. Prod. Poe's Magic. 

  19. The Shock-And-Awe Drag and Burlesque Sideshow Extravaganza at Shock-O-Con, Havre de Grace MD, August 26, 2023. Prod. Tippitywithet Productions.

  20. Lesbian Necromancers in Outer Space, Brooklyn NY, August 12, 2023 Prod. Magical Girl Burlesque. “The Locked Tomb.”

  21. Otakon, Washington DC, July 29, 2023. Prod. Beltway Burlesque. “Just a Girl in a Well.”

  22. Mystification, Baltimore MD, July 28, 2023. Prod. Poe's Magic. 

  23. Pies ‘N’ Pasties, Washington DC, June 7, 2022. Prod. Isabelle Epoque.

  24. Twisted Tassels, Richmond VA, June 3, 2023. Prod. Burlesque Right Meow. “Drawn This Way.”

  25. Comixxx, Annapolis MD, May 6, 2023. Prod. Tippitywitchet Productions. “Hero Worship” and “Stuck in the Middle.”

  26. Noble (G)Asses, Washington DC, April 21, 2023. Prod. Beaver and Buttstuff. “Radium Girl.”

  27. DishAbille, Washington DC, April 20, 2023. Prod. Tippitywitchet Productions. Host.

  28. RVA Burlesque Festival, Richmond, March 31, 2023. Prod. RVA Burlesque Fest. “Lady Killer.”

  29. Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both, Richmond VA, March 18, 2022. Prod. Honeytree Evileye. “Bloodbath.”

  30. Eighteen Years and Queer, Washington DC, March 9, 2023. Prod. DCGS. “Lady Killer.”

  31. Southern Sideshow Hootenanny, New Orleans, March 2, 2023. Prod. Sideshow Hootennany. “Gorgonous.”

  32. Speakteasy, Washington DC, February 25, 2023. Prod. Diva Darling. “Blook in the Cut” and “Peeler.”

  33. Double Date, Annapolis MD, February 18, 2023. Prod. Tippitywitchet Productions. Host/producer.

  34. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, January 14, 2023. Prod. Barrett Johnson

  35. Holiday Blues-a Palooza, Washington DC, December 18, 2022. Prod. Jenny Langer. “Shake” (Saucy Claus) “Grinched.”

  36. Lip Sync Battle Burlesque, Richmond VA, December 10, 2022. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Tits Tosterone Hard to Handle”

  37. Krampustag, Washington DC, December 10, 2022. Prod. Krampusnacht DC. Mari Lwyd Trapeze.

  38. The Naughty List, Washington DC, December 8, 2022. Prod. DCGS. “Grinched.”

  39. Jurassic Pasties III, Richmond VA, November 19, 2022. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Where’s the Goat?” and “Toilet Lawyer.”

  40. Haunted Blue Bee Burlesque Bingo, Richmond VA, October 28, 2022. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Sweet Thing” and “Poppin Pennywise.”

  41. Conspiratease 2: Burly-QAnon, Washington DC, October 21, 2022. Prod. Beaver and Buttstuff. “Satanic Panic” and “Birds Aren’t Real.”

  42. Pours and Pasties, Richmond VA, October 14, 2022. Prod. Burlesque Right Meow. “Blood in the Cut” and “1, 2, Freddy’s Comin’ For You.”

  43. World Oddities Expo, Baltimore MD, October 8, 2022. Prod. Electrocute Entertainment. “Pennywise.”

  44. Pearl-esque Blues Brunch, Washington DC, September 2022. Prod. Jenny Langer. “Sweet Thing” and “Biscuits, Bacon, and the Blues.”

  45. (Un)Natural Disasters, Washington DC, September 9, 2022. Prod. DCGS. “Poppin Pennywise” and “1, 2, Freddy’s Coming For You.”

  46. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, September 2, 2022. Prod. Barrett Johnson.

  47. Otakon, Washington DC, July 30, 2022. Prod. Beltway Burlesque. “The Locked Tomb.”

  48. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, July 23, 2022. Prod. Barrett Johnson

  49. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, July 15, 2022. Prod. Barrett Johnson. Frequent recurring engagement. 

  50. Witching Hour, Glen Echo Park, July 9, 2022. Prod. Littleface Events. “Pink Elephants.”

  51. Woodsboro Burlesque Prom, Richmond VA, June 25, 2022. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Hey London” and "Freddy's Comin' For You."

  52. The Jaded Lounge, Baltimore MD, June 11, 2022. Prod. Billie Bleu. “Call Me Lucy” and "You Done Me Wrong." 

  53. Monarque After Dark, Baltimore MD, May 14, 2022. Prod. Barrett Johnson. Frequent recurring engagement. 

  54. Tapitha Kix Presents: Mulberry’s After Dark, Prom, Baltimore MD, May 13, 2022. Prod. Tapitha Kix. “Stuck in the Middle With You” and "Freddy's Comin' For You." 

  55. Nerdvana Main Show, Silver Spring MD, May 7, 2022. Prod. Maki Roll. "Ryuk You." 

  56. Mojo’s Carnival, Bar XIII Delaware, April 22-3. Prod. “Blood in the Cut” and “Gorgonous.”

  57. The World Oddities Expo, Philadelphia PA, April 16, 2022. Prod. Hexwork. “Blood in the Cut” and “1, 2, Freddy’s Coming for You.”

  58. Tapitha Kix Presents: Mulberry’s After Dark, Res-Erection, Baltimore MD, April 15, 2022. Prod. Tapitha Kix. “Call Me Lucy.”

  59. Yolks on You, Washington DC, April 10, 2022. Prod. DMVariety. “Bathtub Gin.”

  60. Reposado Room: Classic Rock, Richmond VA, April 9, 2022. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Stuck in the Middle With You” and “Mr. DNA.” 

  61. Grandstaff & Stein Burlesque Brunch, Richmond VA, April 3, 2022. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Call Me Lucy” and “Hey Pretty.”

  62. RVA Burlesque Festival, Richmond VA, March 26, 2022. Prod. RVABF. “Lady Killer.”

  63. World Oddities Expo, Baltimore MD, October 30, 2021. Prod. Eyrie Twylite. "Gorgonous" and "Dermis Darling." 

  64. Ellie Quinn Presents at Center of the Universe Brewery, Ashland VA, October 7, 2021. Prod. Ellie Quinn

  65. Pies and Pasties at The Pie Shop, Washington DC, October 6, 2021. Prod. Isabelle Epoch. "Peeler."

  66. The Library Tavern, Washington DC, October 2, 2021. Prod. Delilah Dentata and Jim Dandy. "Gorgonous" and "Strange Bird." 

  67. The Great Burlesque Exposition 13, Salem Mass, September 2021. "Lady Killer" won "Most Wicked." 

  68. Otakon, Washington DC, August 2021. Prod. Beltway Burlesuque. "Ryuk You." 

  69. Hexwork, Baltimore MD, February, 2020. Prod. Eyrie Twilight. "Blood Bath."  

  70. The Lost Tassel: Jurassic Pasties, Richmond VA, February 8, 2020. Prod. Ellie Quinn Presents. "Bad to the Bone" and "Where's the Goat?"

  71. The Roaring 2020s New Years Eve: A Burlesque Revue, Baltimore MD, December 31, 2019. Prod. Out of the Boxx Productions. "Peeler." 

  72. Nativikitty 3: WTF is the Meaning of Stripmas?, Richmond VA, December 8, 2019. Prod. Burlesque Right Meow. "Grinched." 

  73. Yolks on You, Washington DC, December 1, 2019. Prod. Delilah Dentata and Jim Dandy. “Blood Bath” and "Bad to the Bone."

  74. NOLA Nerdlesque Festival, November 15, 2019. “Hero Worship” for Villains show, “Life of Grime” for Heroes show.

  75. World Oddities Expo, Baltimore MD, November 2, 2019. Prod. Eyrie Twylite. "Pink Elephants" and "Goatman."

  76. Twisted Knickers Boo-Lesque, Falls Church VA, October 25, 2019. Prod. Tapitha Kix. "Slenderman" and "Lady Killer." 

  77. Got MILF? A Hot Mom Burlesque Brunch, Washington DC, October 13, 2019, Prod. Les Folies Derriere and Beltway Burlesque. “Doctor Doctor” and “Blood Bath.”

  78. Friday the 13th Burlesque, Richmond VA, September 13, 2019. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Slenderman.”

  79. Peep Show Pop Up III, Annapolis MD, September 6, 2019. Prod. Les Folies Derriere. “Lady Killer” and “Goatman.”

  80. Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival, August 3, 2019. Prod. Annie Mae Allure. “Hero Worship” for competition, “Flaming Rainbows” for Saturday showcase

  81. Smashed History, Washington DC, July 17, 2019. Prod. District of Party. “Eat My Cake.”

  82. Satanic Panic, Denver CO, June 22, 2019. Prod. Red Rum and Carnivale de Sensuale. “Lady Killer.”

  83. Good to be Bad, Wilmington DE, June 15, 2019. Prod. Rum Runner Revue. “Hero Worship.”

  84. Peep Show Pop Up II, Annapolis MD, May 18, 2019. Prod. Les Folies Derriere. “Pink Elephants” and “Hey Pretty.”

  85. Babyface Reid and Neimo’s West Coast Bender with Very Special Guests Straycat Sideshow and London St. Juniper, Washington DC, May 4, 2019.  Prod. by Babyface Reid and Neimo. “Life of Grime” and “Pink Elephants”

  86. Washington DC Burlypicks, Washington DC, April 27, 2019. Prod. Ginger Jameson. “Hero Worship.”

  87. Stripelodeon, Richmond VA, April 13, 2019. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Pinky and the Brain.”

  88. Nu(de) Metal, Richmond VA, March 2, 2019. Prod. Burlesque Right Meow. “Lady Killer” and “Strange Bird.”

  89. Jurassic Pasties, Richmond VA, February 15, 2019. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Doctor Doctor” and “Bad to the Bone.”

  90. Yolks on You, Washington DC, December 16, 2018. Prod. Delilah Dentata and Jim Dandy. “Grinch.”

  91. Peep Show Pop Up, Annapolis MD, November 17, 2018. Prod. Les Folies Derriere. “Peeler” and “Strange Bird.”

  92. Lysistrata and Other Burlesque Tales of Rage, Washington DC, November 2, 2018. Prod. Philanthrotease. “Lady Killer.”

  93. When Twirls Collide, Norfolk and Richmond VA, October 6 and 19, 2018. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Hero Worship” and “Life of Grime.”

  94. Creepypasties, Washington DC, October 13, 2018. Prod. Beaver and Butt Stuff. “Goatman” and “Slenderman.”

  95. Lush Burlesque and Variety, Baltimore MD, October 11, 2018. Prod. Ruby Rockafella. “Peeler” and “Confessional.”

  96. Grandstaff & Stein Burlesque Brunch, Richmond VA, October 7, 2018. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Peeler” and “Lady Killer.”

  97. Glamour Geek Revue: DragonCon Burlesque, Atlanta GA, September 1, 2018. Prod. Tallolah Love. “Flaming Rainbows.”

  98. Just a Brunch of Nerds, Washington DC, August 12, 2018. Prod. Maki Roll. “Hero Worship” and “Dirty Deeds.”

  99. Stripper Prom, Baltimore MD, May 26, 2018.  Prod. Twisted Knickers Burlesque. “Cuckoo for You” and “Hey London.”

  100. Grandstaff & Stein Burlesque Brunch, Outer Banks NC, May 13. Prod. Ellie Quinn. “Eat My Cake,” and “Confessional.”

  101. A Wicked Halfway to Halloween Affair, Norfolk VA, May 12, 2018. Prod. Nocte Covina Burlesque. “Confessional”

  102. Do Both 4, Philadelphia PA, April 20, 2018. Prod. HoneyTree EvilEye. “Hero Worship.”

  103. Res-Erection, Baltimore MD, March 31, 2018. Prod. Twisted Knickers Burlesque. “Confessional.”

  104. Sensation: A Novel Burlesque Revue, Norfolk VA, January 13, 2018. Prod. Nocte Covina Burlesque. “Cuckoo for You,” and “Wild Thing.”

  105. De-Brew-Tante Burlesque Ball, Philadelphia PA, December 21, 1017. Prod. Liberty Rose. “Hero Worship,”

  106. The Dreadful Cabaret, Washington DC, October 28, 2017. Prod. Camp Variety. “Confessional.” and “Eat My Cake.”

  107. The 8 Bit Revue 2, Washington DC, October 7, 2017. Prod. Maki Roll. "Falming Rainbows"

  108. Goddess: A Burlesque Dedication to Phenomenal Women, Norfolk VA, August 12, 2017. Prod. Nocte Covina Burlesque. “Eat My Cake.”

  109. JustASS League vs. XXX-Men, Washington DC, July 15, 2017. Prod. Maki Roll. “Hero Worship.”

  110. Burlesque for Every Bawdy, Baltimore MD, May 2017. Prod. Bawdy Shop Burlesque.  “Hero Worship.”

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