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Fuck Around and Find Out

Private Sewing and Costume Tutoring by London St. Juniper 

As a self-taught costumer, London believes that the best way to learn a new skill is to fuck around and find out. With thirty years of experience fucking around with fabric, foam, dyes, and wonderflex, she's now offering private tutoring sessions for makers who'd like to skip quilt-piecing classes in favor of making wearable projects. 

Tutoring sessions, detailed below, are private unless otherwise arranged, and focus on projects selected by the client, so you can learn to sew by making something you want to create. Clients are responsible for securing all materials and equipment, but London won't leave you to flounder in the dark: you can add planning sessions to your tutoring schedule, or shop on your own with a confirmed supply list. 

Don't see what you're looking for in the service list? Reach out to London via the link below. 

All appointments are considered tentative until confirmed via email by London. A travel fee of $0.50/mile will be added to the tuition for locations more than 20 miles outside of zip code 21114. 

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