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Haute Dame Burlesque: Makers and Shakers 


Founding member London St. Juniper, your Illustrated Edition and Gin Palace Special, has been performing burlesque and nerdlesque since 2017, has been costuming and making since 1991, and launched Vicious Poodle PinUp in 2018. 

Founding member Esther Gin...Fizz Spritz...Double...with a Twist (but you can call her Ginny) was raised by sheep but longed to be a wolf. She is one-half silly, one-half questionable judgement, and one-half terrible puns. See all four halves paired with an inability to do basic arithmetic, leave with a confused sense of arousal and a slight taste of copper in your mouth. YOU'RE WELCOME.


Photo by Uma Hurtman

at DC Weirdo Show 2018

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Ginger Lucy - a Sarah Lee Cupcake Confection - is a published pinup, making her burlesque debut in 2018.

The carpet matches the drapes with this silly, flirtatious redhead, who'll make you forget your troubles with her inviting smile and hypnotizing high jinks. 

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