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All About Eve … il

All About Evil (2010) is a poorly-written, over-acted campy farce, and I loved it. It has everything I wanted from my collection of B-movie bundles from Tower Records, with a bonus of Cassandra Peters as a suburban mom to a horror-obsessed teen ... who has an Elvira poster on his wall.

Written and directed by Joshua Grannell (aka Peaches Christ), All About Evil stars But I'm a Cheerleader Natasha Leonne as Deborah Tennis, a meek librarian who inherits a fading movie theatre from her grandeur-obsessed father. When Deb's wicked witch of a stepmother tries to force her to sell Deb kills her in a manic episode, and then accidentally broadcasts the security footage of the murder to her horror-obsessed clientele. Her switch is flipped, and soon DeBORah TenEEse is an underground success for her avant-garde horror shorts, shown before the main features at the Victoria Theatre. Her henchmen staff are an absolute queer delight.

Definitely recommend for any fan of camp and/or B movies.

Also, in looking up movie details I discovered that I went to the same high school as Peaches Christ, so my retcon personal history is that we had the same freshman locker, 11 years apart.

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