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Six young high schoolers awake one night to find themselves trapped in their school and hunted down by a small, blood-drenched figure. They awake to find themselves repeating the same day, and the same nightmarish night.

While the framework of the film is gruesome- six teens are tasked with reassembling a dismembered 8yo girl - Re/Member (2022) is a feel-good teamwork movie rather than a horror film. An upbeat soundtrack plays over gruesome murder that lack affective impact once it’s been established that the victims will reawaken without consequence the next day.

Their days are spent playing, bonding, and laughing, while their nights are spent searching for mummified body parts and dying in turn. Unlike the Death Day franchise, which limits the protagonist’s attempts to solve and prevent her own murder, these teens face no such consequences, and are quickly benefited by the experience through their growing emotional support and friendship.

When a more grievous consequence is introduced it’s too late do have  significant impact: the tone of the movie has been set.

The puppet design of the Emily/Red Person monster is a creative highlight: it is legitimately frightening, particularly in its movements.

The falling cross was ridiculous.

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