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The Exorcism of [Fill In Name Here]

Oh look, another exorcism movie!

Peter DeSouza-Feighoney is no Linda Blair. But he's just a child, and they were asking a lot of him. So, while he's terrible, that doesn't mean he won't one day be a better actor.

But Alex Essoe (Julia) and Ryan O'Grady (are not children, and their awful performances range from agonizingly flat (her) and obnoxiously excessive (him).

Russel Crowe is actually fantastic ... until special effects take kvetch the exorcism, and the entire production tries to frame itself as a Marvel movie. Had they continued to develop his character, and worked within genetic conventions, this could have been a rather delightful movie.

I love religious horror. Regardless of the faith represented, I love it. I love possessions and exorcisms and hauntings and witchcraft. But priests as superheroes? Tossing around a crucifix like Thor's hammer, brandishing medals like batons? That's the nonsense of action movies.

Spare me.

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