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The Little Raincloud over Rorschach Theatre

To the patron who sat next to me and sniffed loudly and wetly with every breath for the entire 90 minute production of Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea (save for the times you wiped your nose on the neckline of your sweater): sitting next to you in a packed theatre was a miserable, disgusting experience.

The fact that I still enjoyed the play speaks to just how cute it was.

Because Julia Izumi's critical examination of Hans Christian Anderson's faulty relationship with, and representation of, loveis very cute.

There are no great gotchas or surprising revelations that haven't circulated the internet on listicles, but there is a direct and purposeful critique of an historical figure that examines his flaws while letting him retain his humanity. And it's done with plenty of silly gags and enthusiastic acting from a cast whose roles seemed very well assigned. The script could have used a firm hand from an editor (and would likely have made a much stronger 60-minute play than a 90-minute one), but in its present form is still much stronger than the last one Dr. S and I attended, and delivers a very entertaining experience.

One of Rorschach's greatest strengths is in its set and lighting design. As with their retelling of Dracula (about which I have ... thoughts), the set of Rain/Sea is functional and purposeful. Without unnecessary dressing, it creates a space that lets the audience focus on the story while supporting the narrative at important moments (those screen clouds? Brilliant). The design focuses just on what needs to be done, and does it very well.

Overall, Dr. S and I agree that it's worth making your way over to Atlas to see Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea.

But if you're suffering from allergies, bring a damn hankie. (And if you're sick, stay home.)

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